How to use inline SVGs with Hugo

Learn how to use inline SVGs to make your static websites lighter and faster.


A command-line tool, written in Go, for fetching data from Gmail servers using Gmail API.

Symmetric matrices

Check whether a matrix is symmetric or not using Python.

Remove duplicate elements from lists

A neat and compact way to remove duplicate elements from lists.

Year-wise population graph using Scrapy

Explore the trends in world population over the years yourself using a bit of code.

Enter, semiprime numbers

We all know about primes, let’s now dig into semiprimes.

Behold, the factorial

A neat and shorthand way of expressing the factorial in Python.

Yaru Dark Theme for Firefox

A dark theme which ports Ubuntu’s Yaru Dark theme to Firefox. It is written in CSS.

Ecosia Darker

A dark theme for Ecosia, the green search engine. It is an open source project written in CSS. Check it out on GitHub.

Hugo Dream Plus

An open source theme for Hugo, the static website generator. It is written in HTML, CSS and using Go templates.