Utkarsh Verma

Founder, Web Dev


I am a student who likes writing, tinkering with tech, and making stuff. I feel the inner urge to contribute something to the Internet, through which I’ve gained most of my skills. I started sharing my findings online to be helpful to other learners like me. This also opens me to corrections from the readers, which is essential since I’m a learner as well.

Recent Posts

How to use inline SVGs with Hugo

Learn how to use inline SVGs to make your static websites lighter and faster.

How to hide i3wm's title bar properly

In i3wm, you can’t directly hide the title bar for stacked/tabbed containers. This article will enlighten you with a neat workaround.

Enter, semiprime numbers

We all know about primes, let’s now dig into semiprimes.

Behold, the factorial

A neat and shorthand way of expressing the factorial in Python.

How to install Mongoose OS on ESPer or ESP32

A tutorial on how to install Mongoose OS on ESPer.

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Recent Projects


A command-line tool, written in Go, for fetching data from Gmail servers using Gmail API.

Yaru Dark Theme for Firefox

A dark theme which ports Ubuntu’s Yaru Dark theme to Firefox. It is written in CSS.

Ecosia Darker

A dark theme for Ecosia, the green search engine. It is an open source project written in CSS. Check it out on GitHub.

Hugo Dream Plus

An open source theme for Hugo, the static website generator. It is written in HTML, CSS and using Go templates.

Line Follower Robot

This robot is built up from scratch. It has PIC16F84Aas the brain, coded in Basic C.

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