BitBanged has been founded by us to further our interests in technology and writing. Being a maker, developer and a geek ourselves, there’s a lot of tech-related stuff which we find in our daily lives thanks to the usual tinkering we do out of curiosity. We thought it would be a huge waste to let these findings go unnoticed, or undocumented, since doing so also helps serves as a good reference for the future. Another part of the reason behind this blog is writing. Writing is something which has to be kept in practice otherwise one loses the ability to do so. Since we didn’t want this to happen to us, we decided to periodically write up small articles, which gave us further motivation to create this blog.

Now you might be wondering, why BitBanged? It is derived from bit banging , where software is used to make up for lack of hardware. We thought it was a good mixture of electronics and programming and so we went ahead with BitBanged, because our blog was going to be focused on these domains. Kudos to Pradeep V for designing this awesome logo for our blog.

We hope you have a great time on this blog.

The Team